About Our Business

We are a family-owned and family run club lamb business in
Clearbrook, VA.  I am Floyd Jenkins Sr. I work closely with my
daughter Tracy Critchfield and wife Gayle.  We have been
breeding club lambs for the past 14 years.  Our children
raised and showed club lambs in 4-H and FFA and are all
grown now.  We still had a love and thrill of showing club
lambs even after our children were grown so we began to
get serious about the breeding business.

Our flock is a Suffolk-Hamp cross.  We have 43 ewes and 3
rams. We have great expectations and are excited to see this
year's results.  We purchased a French Club Lambs ram in
2014.  His name is Donkey Kong. See
Our Flock

Just an update on what each of us do...Floyd & Tracy do the
buying of the ewes & rams and manage the flock.  Tracy also
teaches setting up & bracing of club lambs. She will work
one on one and loves working with showman.  See our
Services page to inquire about training. Gayle manages the
website, finances, photography and anything else needed.

We even involve our 9 year old grandson Laney Jenkins as
he  names every ewe & ram we own.  You will notice some
names that you might recognize.  We just smile when we
ask for a new name never knowing what we will hear. We
have had names like Mario, Princess Peach, Toadie, Lucky,
Luigi, Donkey Kong and on and on.  What a wonderful thing
to have Laney involved in our club lamb business.  He
cannot wait to help with the babies.

We love what we do and it is all for the joy of seeing smiles
on the faces of our showman.  This is why we do it and work
hard to make improvements every year. We feel very blessed
by God to have this opportunity!
About Us
Peach Grove Club Lambs
Tracy showing a youth how to brace
Floyd and Laney working at Peach Grove Club Lambs
2013 Club Lambs
2013 Club Lambs
2013 Club Lambs
2013 Club Lambs closeup
Tracy bracing 2013 club lambs
4-H FFA youth projects, rams, ewes, lambs for sale and much more.
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